Video Testimonials

"Using public dollars and the money that the legislature provides in a better way."
Brian Cottam
Director Utah Division of
Forestry, Fire, and State Lands.
“I don’t think it’s an option to sit and do nothing. You’ve got to find the right things to do for the properties and resources you manage. One of the things I like about 106 is that the outcome is very predictable.”
Blair Eastman
Property Manager
Preston Nutter Ranch
“We can come together, figure out the best technology to get us where we want to be the fastest, most cost-effective, on scale, and on pace. 106 gives us what we’ve all been looking for.”
Don Peay
Founder of Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife
"As far as costs for the 106 treatment method, they're breaking new ground."
Tyler Thompson
Watershed Program Director
Department of Natural Resources.
"They are thinning the forest the way it needs to be thinned. Getting light down on the floor to get vegetation growing, and that's what we really need."
Chad Booth
Executive Producer
The County Seat TV
“I think it’s a good tool because it creates quick control lines, and it can create good mosaic patterns for whatever the landowner or the agency wants to have.”
Rudy Sandoval
S. E. Area Fire Manager Utah Division of Forestry, Fire, and State Lands
“I’ve worked in forestry my whole career, and it is not very often that we get new tools in our toolbox.”
Darren McAvoy
Utah State University Wildland Resources Extension Assistant Professor
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