Wildlife Habitat Creation

For 55+ species that thrive under Aspen trees, and 30x more forage per acre than conifer forests.

Preventing fire can be a great advantage of 106 reforestation, however another vital outcome of our unique process is the resurgence of wildlife that can feed in aspen groves, and the improved grazing potential of millions of acres of State land. 55 Species of animals benefit from our unique process by enabling 2,000 tons of edible fauna to grow in their protective shadow. This is a dramatic difference from the typical pine forest floor covered with deadfall and acidic sap dry patches under most pine trees.  All animals, both grazing stock and wildlife benefit from every step in our process from the beginning stages of preparation to the final full growth phases. Many ranchers and hunters are amazed at the quality of feed and wildlife that results.

Wildlife Habitat

Treat one acre, protect thousands.

Our DutyWe believe it is the duty of this generation to restore American forests to a naturally balanced, enjoyable, and resilient state. Today's efforts will inspire future generations of land stewards who will conserve and protect forests and wildlife that depend on these landscapes to survive.

Our "Targeted Treatment Process" protects wildlife and their natural habitat.

What We Do

Reduce Wildfire Risk

Improve Air Quality

Increase Water Downstream

Improve Wildlife Habitat

Improve Recreation Opportunities

Regenerate Aspen Forests

Our Mission

Protect Our Natural Resources

Protect our natural resources by reducing the threat of massive, deadly wildfires. Implementing on-the-ground treatments of forested land for wildfire mitigation.  We will apply these landscape-scale treatments before, during, or after a wildfire has occurred. We will fight to protect our natural resources today while working to conserve the wild-lands of tomorrow; actively restoring and rebalancing high-risk forest lands today will preserve our precious resources for future generations. 

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