Aspen Regeneration

 “Aspen forests are among the West’s signature ecosystems, yet they have been in steep decline thanks to decades of fire suppression and browsing by hungry hooved munchers, both wild and domestic, and more recently from drought and climate change.”  

The Salt Lake Tribune  

Pando Aspens sloped

Aspen Restoration

Fighting Fires with Forests

Wildlife Habitat

Treat one acre, protect thousands.

The Incredible Quaking Aspen.

106 Reforestation presents

Fighting Fires with Forests - "The Mighty Quaking Aspen"

Watch this inspiring short video to learn more about these amazing trees, and how they resist wild fires.
Did you know that quaking aspens in a healthy forest resist wildfires?

Watch this short video to learn more.

Aspen Restoration

106 Reforestation presents

The decline of aspens in the western states and the
restoration work being done by 106 Reforestation in Utah

This video explains the benefits of aspen forests and some of the work to restore the declining aspen forests of the west.

Watch this short video to learn more about the decline and restoration of Aspens in the west.

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