Our Mission

To Protect and Preserve Our Natural Resources

By implementing on-the-ground, landscape-scale treatments to reduce the threat of massive wildfires while actively restoring and rebalancing high-risk forested lands.  The protection and preservation work we accomplish today is the conservation and restoration of our resources and wildlands tomorrow.

Wildfire Mitigation

By creating natural fire breaks, reducing ground fuels, and conifer trees that burn 10X Faster than Aspen.

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Resource Protection

Protecting our water and air resources by restoring aspens that pass 20% more water downstream, clean our air, and naturally resist wildfires which account for millions of cubic tons of carbon pollution each year.

Wildlife Habitat Creation

Habitat for 55+ species that thrive in aspens forests. Aspens on average generate 30x more forage per acre than conifer forests

Wildland Recreation Interface

Creating sustainable recreational opportunities from wildlands
"Perhaps the rebuilding of the body and spirit is the greatest service derivable from our forests, for what worth are material things if we lose the character and quality of people that are the soul of America.”
- Arthur Carhart
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This video highlights just a few of our favorite public and private
recreation activities, but there are so many more. What would you add?

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